I never thought this week would have an end, it has been long workingdays between 8:00 to 01:00 and my body and soul need some rest.

It all started at tuesday with other people being home and sick, and the work they should have done, was given to me. A late tuesday went into a early wednesday with more issues.. :( We went away to remove a kitchen steel sinc and replace it with a new benchtop including a undermounted sink, but to be able to remove it, we had to first remove the tiles – and the nightmare begun… the person that had mounted the tiles had done it too good, not only the tiles went down, the wall behind them too. :o

After 5 hours of removing the tiles, several hours went away to repair the wall with new gypsum boards (drywall). But the nightmare doesn’t end there – when we had open up the package we found out that the benchtop had wrong color!! There was 3 benchtops, the 2 smaller ones had the correct color, but the large one with the undermounted sink had wrong color.

Thursday continued in the same way, but finally we could finish the week at friday with success – a whole day without any issues! :d

Undermounted sinc <-- Example of an undermounted sinc