. . . a real one, about the other day when I went up in the morning and thought I would make people happy, how wrong I could be. :s

It all started with a payment made to a banking-account of ours – 4000 kr ($590) from a company called XXXX that was not suppose to go to us, there was a mistype of 2 numbers – a misstake made by the bank when they deciphered the depositnote from their customer.

I waited until our bank opened and went there to correct the error. The bank explained nicely that they could not do anything about it, and said wispering: “If You are honest You can look up the sender in the phonebook and send them their money back.” :o

Honest? Well, how stupid would I be to go to the bank first, explain everything – then be a thief and keep the money not meant for me? Hello?!?

Well, I walked out of the bank and phoned the phonecompany, but they had no record of any company named XXXX, so I went away to the nearest bank, and in my mind I thought “if i just find the right bank it will be solved” – how wrong I was – again. The bank replied: “We are not allowed to releave any information about our customers”.

Ready to give up I went back home and tried for fun to type the company name in google. Belive it or not – there it was! I found it – and a phone-number! I phoned them and they answered correctly of what was written in the “subject” line for the deposit – I found them at last. :d

And now You ask if they was as happy as I was to found them? Well,,, I got a “thankyou” anyway…

Question is if I will go through all this if it happens again – honestly no way!

(I will use google first!) ;)