Friday last week was the first day of the white and frosty comeback. Snow has since that day been covering everything, and tempatures went down to -8 degrees Celsius (17,6 F)  – this is not my favorite kind of weather so to say. . . I do hate it acctually. (n)

(^ A very poor image from the saturday night ^)

At saturday Jasmine celebrated her 8th birthday at Skojlandet with her friends.  Alot of fun, and we ended the day with her grandfather Reijo at McDonald’s.

Monday was a long day, I went away in the morning around 08:00 (8 am) and came back 23:00 (11 pm). We had some work in Skövde todo, and all was delayed some hours because of the slippery roads.

Now I’m off again to work, a little late, this tuesday morning – another day in winterland.