My Fujitsu Siemens Lifebook has been having a strange issue since 2 weeks back now. For some darn reason the keys 8 i o k at the keyboard doesn’t work. First time it happend I was so mad that I, slightly harder than usually :$, closed the top and took a walk to calm down.

When I went back the keys worked again after startup – and they worked all day. Next day I was unhappy again – the keys refused to do their work as keys – instead they responded with a silent and creepy no reply at all. My frustration made me do something I regret I did – I pulled up the “k” key for examination. I’ll never do that again – ever! It took me 1 hour to get it back – 2 silly plastic “things” that hold the key needed to be inserted into the tiny little holes at the keyboard-plate – looked like it was done from the backside at the factory.

But guess what – the keys started to work after that ! Wohoo! :d . . .but, yes, only for an hour. :( I finally went down to the store and they have now ordered a new keyboard, until then I plugged in an external USB keyboard,
works fine but it feels kinda silly to use it for a laptop.

Beautiful but to much snow:

What I’m longing for: