April 2006

What's up?12 Apr 2006 07:04 pm

I have been spending some hours exploring the world from above. I downloaded and installed Google Earth from http://earth.google.com and I am impressed.

Sadly my hometown is a bit blurry yet, and not as good as the example picture showing “Manhattan”, but it might take a while before the google-crew takes on the work with working to get the pictures better for Sweden, they still have a lot of “blurry” spots left to do in the U.S.

My hometown

My hometown


Manhattan – a bit sharper picture ;-)

What's up?10 Apr 2006 05:35 pm

To my surprise the snow that came down yesterday melted quickly, and the sun has been shining all day – the springtime is on it’s way finally!

Great day for a swim guys!

Great day for a swim guys!


Springtime finally . . .

What's up?09 Apr 2006 11:30 pm

Yet has another sunday passed, and the weekend is over. The rain outside is taking care of the last snowpiles, and I hope the tempature will not fall any further.
When will summer be here?

Gaaah! rain has turned into snowfall now….. :-(

What's up?08 Apr 2006 04:20 pm

Welcome to my first post. This is the first time in over 2 years that this site has a new design.

I have allways coded myself in Notepad, but now I feel I have not enough time to design or code everything myself anymore, so I went and installed WordPress.

Updates will come, I have some features like guestbook and more, that I want to add for the site.

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