March 2008

What's up?08 Mar 2008 01:27 am

It’s 7 minutes passed midnight and I have been having a great thursday & friday with sunshine and 5-9 degrees (C).

At my birthday all snow was gone:


Later that day I went to and bought a  sandwich cake

The next day mother in law visited us and gave me this present:


Now it’s saturday, and I’m feeling great. :)  Maybe I’ll stop by tomorrow to post about what’s inside the box. ;)

What's up?05 Mar 2008 11:15 pm

Just 2 hours left, then I will become 35 years old. Looking out I can see some tiny snowflakes falling from the dark sky – must be the 3rd or 4th snowfall this entire winter – it has been the warmest winter for several hundred years here.
The weatherman has promised sunny weather tomorrow at my birthday. :)   (I hope the small amount of snow – 3 mm – have melted until than – I just don’t like snow at all)

I’ll post tomorrow too – I’ll try to include some pictures then.