March 2007

What's up?20 Mar 2007 08:00 pm

I’ve been struggleing with one of our computers for some weeks now (whenever I got some time over) and I just can’t find the reason for the stupid behaviour of the computer. :(  It all started with WindowXP Sp1 just started to freeze 2 minutes from startup – after checking the harddrive for viruses and other vulnerable stuff I finally gave up and did a formating of the drive and decided to install a fresh WindowsXP Pro Sp2 at the drive… and the install went fine all the way to the selection of wich harddrive to install WinXP at – suddenly the annoying blue-screen went up with the message “IRQ_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL” and so on..

7 tries later with unhooking the second drive, the floppy, DVD, and editing some settings in the BIOS setup I finally came through with a full install of WinXP – it only took 24 hours to complete! :o

After the install I managed to get WindowsXP to startup fine and I could surf around the web without issues, for hours – BUT then I plugged in the speakers and wanted to play some Mp3 music – guess what? WindowsXP freezed the system and I had to reboot it manually. Hours later with testing different drivers and so on – I managed to play around 5 seconds until WindowsXP freezez. :p
And yes, I have checked the memory, and CPU tempature – nothing wrong there. The AMD Athlon 2100XP is looking good.

Now I have decided to replace the motherboard and use a motherboard with a IntelP4 CPU instead – and do a reinstall of WindowsXP. I give up on thoose AMD or VIA chipsets.. .. .. for now. (n) (or for good?)

What's up?06 Mar 2007 08:33 pm

Has now past since I was born, even though I still need to convince Systembolaget, (the Swedish Alcohol Retail Monopoly) that I’m over 20 years old :d

Today I worked some hours and celebrated my birthday (^) by purchase a Smörgåstårta ( :


Later I drove Jasmine to her Ballet-practice and she danced for an hour, the teacher said she is very good but a bit tired at the end of the hour – that’s because she’s one year or more younger than the other kids – but she is very happy with the dancing and she really want to dance, so it’s no worries. :)
Now I will spend some time relaxing in front of the TV . . . and maybe grab one more bite of that delicious Smörgåstårta. 8)