June 2008

What's up?08 Jun 2008 01:20 am

Ok, , , I have to admit, I do listen to radioseven right now. The music is great my ears says, and my body thinks I need to move instead of sit down silently listening. It’s 01:16 am and my girlfriend and daughters are sleeping – but I just aint sleepy right now,,.,.,.,/This is a report at saturday night the 7th of june 2008. (yeah I know it’s sunday “morning” the 8th).


What's up?02 Jun 2008 08:59 pm

Yeah! Finally it’s here – the summer of 2008 ! ๐Ÿ™‚ Since the end of last week sun has been shining and about 25-30 degrees (Celcius) has been the avarage day tempature.

The entire friday I was spending my time at a conference held by Creoform at Haga slott. Nice place but to be inside a conference-room when the sun is shining outside isn’t what I wish for..

.. and at saturday something else happen that I Do Not wish to happen ever again – our youngest daughter Malva got very hard to breath and a high fever so we went down to the care center to get some help. Her condition got worse so an ambulance came and brought her to the ER at U.S.ึ (hospital).

At the hospital they found out she had one-sided pneumonia, and they treated her with oxyg่ne and ventoline. Later they gave her penicillin. She spent the night at the hospital and the day after she was feeling alot better so in the afternoon at sunday she was sent home.

Now it’s monday and Malva has been well – no fever and she can breath easy. ๐Ÿ™‚ She will stay home for 10 days while she’s taking her penicillin though.

I hope she will stay well and I hope the sun will shine and the sky will stay blue the rest of the summer!