January 2007

What's up?24 Jan 2007 06:12 pm

Our youngest daughter Malva has been sick since the end of last week, it started with coughing that went worse because she has cold-induced asthma, but we have treaten it with Bricanyl that works quick and make her breath easier.

The coughing has allmoast stopped but instead she has got fever and has stayed home the entire week, and this morning she would have been stayed at home anyway – even if she would have been well – because of the low tempature:

(Image from inside of my car: -15 degrees Celsius (5 degrees Farenheit))

I hope she will get better soon, she really loves to go to the daycare facility and play with all her friends.

What's up?23 Jan 2007 08:57 am

Friday last week was the first day of the white and frosty comeback. Snow has since that day been covering everything, and tempatures went down to -8 degrees Celsius (17,6 F)  – this is not my favorite kind of weather so to say. . . I do hate it acctually. (n)

(^ A very poor image from the saturday night ^)

At saturday Jasmine celebrated her 8th birthday at Skojlandet with her friends.  Alot of fun, and we ended the day with her grandfather Reijo at McDonald’s.

Monday was a long day, I went away in the morning around 08:00 (8 am) and came back 23:00 (11 pm). We had some work in Skövde todo, and all was delayed some hours because of the slippery roads.

Now I’m off again to work, a little late, this tuesday morning – another day in winterland.

What's up?04 Jan 2007 12:47 am

. . . a real one, about the other day when I went up in the morning and thought I would make people happy, how wrong I could be. :s

It all started with a payment made to a banking-account of ours – 4000 kr ($590) from a company called XXXX that was not suppose to go to us, there was a mistype of 2 numbers – a misstake made by the bank when they deciphered the depositnote from their customer.

I waited until our bank opened and went there to correct the error. The bank explained nicely that they could not do anything about it, and said wispering: “If You are honest You can look up the sender in the phonebook and send them their money back.” :o

Honest? Well, how stupid would I be to go to the bank first, explain everything – then be a thief and keep the money not meant for me? Hello?!?

Well, I walked out of the bank and phoned the phonecompany, but they had no record of any company named XXXX, so I went away to the nearest bank, and in my mind I thought “if i just find the right bank it will be solved” – how wrong I was – again. The bank replied: “We are not allowed to releave any information about our customers”.

Ready to give up I went back home and tried for fun to type the company name in google. Belive it or not – there it was! I found it – and a phone-number! I phoned them and they answered correctly of what was written in the “subject” line for the deposit – I found them at last. :d

And now You ask if they was as happy as I was to found them? Well,,, I got a “thankyou” anyway…

Question is if I will go through all this if it happens again – honestly no way!

(I will use google first!) ;)