September 2006

What's up?23 Sep 2006 07:34 pm

The possible future that the video I just saw at “Youtube” is showing, is a future I don’t want to see – ever. Or is it here allready? :s

We all know that several networks are blocking asian or russian surfers because of spammin or hacking issues, but will it stay at that? Will the providers, phone/cable companies have a “freeway” with high speed for thoose hostings or domains that “pay” enough? And the rest will be stucked at the slower “railway” wich will make blogging-sites take 4-ever to load. Scary future.
The video is located here:

What's up?21 Sep 2006 09:22 pm

At monday evening the primary harddrive failed at one server and we had to replace it with a new one. Luckely all data could be copied, but all software needed to be re-installed. The night between monday/tuesday was a night without sleep for me, even though we have serveradmins, because I need to serve them with info of what we want done and not.
Now 3 days later there still are adjustments left todo, and it didn’t get better when a client’s vulnerable script caused high serverload causing the server to go down. :(

Normally it takes some week to adjust everything at a new server for best performance, I hope we can do it faster.

Looking forward for friday to come.. plz be here soon… .(*)