May 2006

What's up?28 May 2006 11:01 pm

We bought a flower for my mother and visited her at sunday – mother’s day.

She and my father wanted to have a barbeque in the sunny weather, and the grill was lighted up. In the meantime I took a picture of the blooming flowers next to the grill


And they also had some rhubarbs and strawberries

The food was ready and we sat down to eat. . . for 5 minutes! Suddenly the sun was gone, replaced with dark clowds that decided to drop their cargo in form of nasty rain. :(

We gathered all the food and things and went inside instead. A perfect example of a swedish summerday.

What's up?26 May 2006 05:26 pm

I’ve been thinking some months now to change my soon 1 year old Nokia mobile-phone to a new one. The main reason is that the cellular just hangs up in the middle of a conversation – and battery is still allmoast full !?!:s

It has happened once too many times now, and the persons on the other end first thought I was being rude and just hunged up without saying goodbye or anything, but after explainations they understand my issue.

I have now found a cellular I like, and I will try find out more about it, and hopefully some “real” persons that are using it to get at review from them. Found some at
The cellular is a SonyEricson W550-i :

Sony Ericsson W550-i Orchide White

Now I’m off to enjoy it’s finally friday! :d

What's up?23 May 2006 11:43 pm

Today my forum was hacked by spammers and emails was sent out to the members with a link to an exe-file that contained a virus. :(

I hate theese spammers so much, why do they spend time being jerks instead of use their knowlidge to build something nice that help people instead of destroying them. I say (n) to Spamming!!

After upgrade to latest version of the forum I feel more safe, but for how long? – a year? a day? a month? – it’s good that an upgrade goes kinda quick anyway.

What's up?06 May 2006 11:51 pm

Today was a sunny and great summerday. 8) School was open at this saturday with activities for the children. A so called “open house” event called “Brukets dag”.

That means the school had open doors for us parents and relatives to step into the classrooms and atend while the children had lessions. Later there was outdoor activities with different sports, music, pony-riding and alot more.

Here is a picture of Jasmine painted as a tiger:

Jasmine tiger

And here she’s on a pony:
Häst ridning