What's up?23 Jul 2010 09:23 pm

Hi there! I apologize for my seldom posts here – I have finally agreed to get myself an Facebook account – so I can be found more often over there.

Summer has been here for 2 months and the first 20 days in july has been great – high tempatures and sunny. Unfortunally it went back to “ordinary Swedish summer” yesterday so now I can see clouds, rain and avarage tempatures of only 20C degress (68F). 🙁

Here is an image of our new family-member called “kakan” (cookie).

Have a great time until next time!

What's up?18 Feb 2010 01:27 am

Long time since I posted here, but here we go again. 🙂

After several months of constant snowing over here and low tempatures I really hate snow right now. I want summer now !! Some examples of the nightmare is below….

I really miss the days I don’t need to dig out my car out of the snow to encounter next issue not be able to open the doors because they are stuck-frozen – and hours later when I finally get one door open the car-battery is dead. 🙁 But why give up now? No way, off I go to a store and purchase a new battery and replace it with the old one – Did I mention it was -3 F degrees (-19 C) ? ) - my fingers went from a pink color to white and really hurt but the battery was finally mounted and car started after some “I don’t want to – please let me die” sounds from the engine.

Well, it doesn’t end there, no no, now comes the work of getting the ice away from inside the windshield – not just outside /: and after that a strange fog was aplied inside so I could not see anything – but after whiping all windows with some toilet tissue (yes – it did stuck some small pieces of paper at some windows) I could finally drive away – – – –

So please tell me summer is on it’s way soon!

What's up?17 Jul 2009 01:13 am

Hi there! Finally it’s summertime and everything feels great. :) I had some issues to take care of now when I got some time off, and one of the things was to fix the issues with our “waterfall” that we have placed in our entrance. it was the waterpump that needed to be replaced. I struggled for 1 hour but in the end it was finally fixed:

I’ll be back soon again. Have a great time until then!

What's up?09 Jun 2009 10:21 pm

At sunday the 7th me and Susanna went to Stockholm Stadium and spent 3 hours in heaven – the Bruce Springsteen and the E street band heaven of grrreat music. I managed to take take some pictures with my SonyEricsson w960i mobile phone, but after that the phone decided to stay in heaven and leave me stranded at earth with a broken one. The touchscreen went wild and didn’t work anymore. 🙁

I managed to download the images from the memory to my pc, and here is the very last picture taken by the phone:

The Boss - Stockholm 2009

The Boss - Stockholm 2009

I tried all kind of things like reboot the phone, take out the battery and so on, but nothing helped – so I gave up on it.

W960i - RIP

W960i - RIP

At monday I decided to purchase a new phone, this time without a touchscreen – so far I really like the phone, I hope it will last longer than 1,5 years. Say hello to the Sony Ericsson C905:

Hello C905 !

Hello C905 !

What's up?06 Mar 2009 10:35 am

I feel very honoured for winning a prize in the Surmunity Fifth Annual Forum Awards ! The surmunity members voted for me and I was awared to be

Thankyou all for voting for me !

Today it’s my 36th birthday and I will visit my folks later this afternoon, than I will celebrate at home with some wine and a Smrgstrta (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sm%C3%B6rg%C3%A5st%C3%A5rta)

See ya later!

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